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Access Control

Electronic equipment used to control access to secure areas. Devices located next to entry/exit points control physical entry, and allow only authorised personnel to enter. Provides good security for un-manned points of entry/exit.

Types Of Access Control:

Proximity Readers
Proximity cards, keytags, or smartcards are passed in front of a proximity reader to identify personnel. A convenient system with medium overhead and medium cost per individual. Very reliable and robust.

Access Control System Components:

Control Panel
This is the unit you use to manage your access control system.

Common features include:

  • Integrated access control and security
  • Easy to use management software
  • Multiple partitions, for managing separate areas of the premises
  • Multiple user/access codes, allow different levels of security for different people
  • Access can be limited by time or number of entries
Brands we use are: Tecom and Concept




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