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CCTV is electronic equipment used to visually monitor specific areas. This lets your operators see exactly what's going on. Images can be recorded on digital storage devices.
Closed circuit television is commonly referred to as CCTV.

CCTV System Variations:

Hard Wired
A system that has hard wired (cable) connections between each device. Signals are transmitted between devices via cables.

Fibre Optic
A system that has fibre optic connections between each device.

A system that has no hard wired (cable) connections between devices. Instead signals are transmitted via microwaves, with a typical range of 5km. Systems are easier to install, and monitoring can be done from a distance.
Digital scrambling options ensure unwelcome eaves-droppers are of no concern.A wireless system typically includes the same components as a wired system, the difference being that devices have microwave transmitters rather than cables.

CCTV System Components:

Produce images of the area under surveillance for operators to look at. Brand we use is:


Digital Video Recorder
These storage devices enable archiving onto DVD, CD, or remote archiving via network. Any digital images can also be emailed easily, either manually or automatically.

Video Monitor(s)
Allows operators to see the area under surveillance. The brand we use is Pelco.

Additional CCTV System Options:

Covert Camera(s)
Cameras with lenses that are too small to be seen. Excellent for detecting shoplifters.  



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